What is a mini session and why do i do them?

A mini session is a shorter version of a full private session offered on a set date, at a set location, with time slots offered to multiple clients back-to-back. (See below for what's included in a mini vs. full session)

With my main focus being weddings and bump to baby, I often don't have the availability to take on a lot of full private sessions, which leaves me having to turn down a lot of families just wanting an updated portrait - but I still love me some family time! So I started doing mini sessions as the perfect way for me to fit in a little family lovin' for anyone wanting to get a quick session done. Though my main reason for offering minis is for families, you absolutely could use a mini session time slot for other portrait types like maternity, baby announcement, updated headshots, birthday or milestone celebration... really ANYTHING you want to document as long as it fits within the short time slot!

Mini vs full portrait session

Mini session

  • 15-20 minutes long
  • Stacked in a specific time block (back-to back with other clients)
  • At a location that THE PHOTOGRAPHER chooses
  • On a date that THE PHOTOGRAPHER chooses
  • Includes up to 15 edited images
  • Pros: Cheaper; Less time-consuming, quick and easy; Less planning for the client (scenery/location/vibe pre-determined)

full "private" session

  • Longer than 20 minutes
  • A stand-alone session (not back -to-back with other clients)
  • At a location that THE CLIENT chooses
  • On a date that THE CLIENT chooses
  • Includes over 15 edited images
  • Pros: More variety/options for scenery & decor; More delivered photos, More time for multiple locations, outfit changes, creative posing, etc.

When They're offered...

I typically offer 3-4 mini session dates per year. These will be planned and announced at least 1 month prior to the session dates. The best way to keep up with what I'm offering and when is to follow me on social media! (I mostly use Instagram stories)

Spring: Mommy & Me

  • Offered the 2 weeks before and ON mothers day
  • Outdoor location amongst the fresh spring growth!

Summer: Sunflower fields

  • Typically late July or Early August at a sunflower field in Pleasant Valley, NY
  • These are fully dependent on the field and when the sunflowers decide to bloom, so the announcement can sneak up fast when the time comes - be prepared by keeping up with my stories this time of year so you don't miss out!

Fall: Family photo day

  • My goal is to offer these mid-late September or early October at an outdoor location
  • The amount of days and time slots that I can realistically offer for these is dependent on how many weddings I have booked for the surrounding weeks - these book fast if it's only a handful of slots available!

Late Fall: Christmas sessions

  • These are offered in late October - November
  • The past few years these have been held at Camp Hillcroft in Lagrangeville NY, and will most likely be continued there this year. TBD.

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