I really do appreciate you taking the time to get to know me if you plan on booking with me. As a hired photographer, especially for Weddings or portraits, it’s an honor and display of trust to be let into such intimate moments you typically wouldn’t allow a perfect stranger into. I 100% recognize that, which is why my first and most important step to any photoshoot is making sure you feel comfortable with me enough to be YOURSELF on camera. You probably didn’t hire me to shoot an acting scene, but more so to capture your real-life moments to remember forever, so we want to make sure that it’s your reality we’re capturing. So first things first, that you don’t hear in many business pitches- let’s just be real with each other.

Hi there!

This is the part where I tell you why I got into the biz in the first place. It’s pretty simple really - Because I love it!!

I’ve always known and been told that I was “good at art” growing up, and I’ve explored a variety of different mediums to express that talent. While I found use and joy in all I’ve explored, to me, none of them caught my interest enough to pursue a life-long hobby or career out of it. I also had a very stubborn internal-vow that the medium I used would be something I could get my hands dirty with, like painting, sculpting or drawing because one thing is for sure - “I am not good with technology.” But, God is good and always gives us what we need to tear down the walls of doubt in front of us. One of those needed things being my amazing tech-savvy husband who helped me to learn that technology is my friend, and to come on into the 21st century, it’s not so bad. And boy am I glad he did because the second he put a camera in my hands I was head over heels in love.

I finally have an art form that allows me to:

1- Tinker with lost, unwanted or strange objects and turn them into the most flattering props, 

2- Always have with me. With the portability of a single camera, the entire world is my studio space, so i never have to feel disconnected from what makes me, me- And that’s being an artist. 

3- Connect with PEOPLE in the most beautiful way. To capture their stories and favorite life memories, and to constantly encourage smiles and loving energy. I simply couldn’t dream of a better career. 

Why Weddings?

To me, there’s no greater and more beautiful evidence of God‘s planning in our lives than when two people, that have lived completely different walks, with completely different experiences somehow are brought together in the most perfect timing to find each other. I can’t help but to praise and praise and praise when I get to witness such precise, matriculate planning that goes into forming just ONE marriage covenant. There’s simply nothing more evident of God’s perfect guidance. 

That’s why I love the idea of capturing marriages - not just weddings. Although I love it all, it’s not about the pretty details and the dress and the smiles that I get to capture. I see God in their story. And it’s breathtaking. 

About Him

This is my soulmate, Dizzy Parker, yes that is his real and only name.
Dizzy has A LOT of different talents and titles: musician, social media manager, photographer, and all around entertainer! But for the purpose of this business, he is my super helpful back-up camera man and amazing support system!
Check out his site if you have a business in need of social media management: Differentsidemedia.com

Enough about us, let’s talk about you!

Everyone’s got a story to tell, and you know what they say: “A picture’s worth a 1,000 words”… So let’s have some fun and tell yours!

Did you just get engaged and want to shout your love story from the mountain tops?- I love to hike.

Do you need someone to capture all the perfect little details, but also the big joyous theme of your big day? - I’ve got the eye and the heart for it all!

Did you just experience the greatest miracle there is and have a newborn? - I’d love to help you welcome them to life!

Whatever your story, I’m all ears and here to help you capture and cherish the details!

Client love notes

Client love notes

“My husband and I met Alyssa a few years ago when looking for a wedding photographer. She captured all of the little details from our wedding day in such a beautiful way. We have since dubbed her our family photographer and have used her services more times than I can count, including our recent newborn photos. I truly cannot recommend Fearlyss Photography enough. Not only is Alyssa amazing and super speedy at returning albums, but she is an incredible person to have by your side during all your big moments.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround time for edits

The typical wedding gallery is 4-5 weeks while most portrait sessions are 2-3 weeks. (Don’t worry I’ll send some preview pictures to ease the wait!)


There is no such thing as over-communication with this topic. If you have a vision let’s talk and browse ideas to get exactly what you’re looking for. But if not - IT IS TOTALLY OKAY! This is probably one of my favorite parts of the process, so do NOT feel bad if all you know is you want professional photos done, but don’t really have any vision of what you want. I am honestly super happy to throw lots of creative ideas at you.
Fun fact: My parents used to call me tinkerbell when I was younger because I was always tinkering with the most random old junk and using it to make something new and pretty, wether it be a spool of thread for a dollhouse nightstand, or sea shells I found at the beach to make into earrings. Let’s get artsy!

Payment method

All clients will be sent an invoice and contract via HoneyBook where you can make payments through a secure online portal. Deposit is typically due within 7 days of invoice send date and the remaining balance due one month (weddings) or one day (portraits) before the session.

U.S currency, or puppies.

Jk don’t give me a puppy, my husband will be so mad and then i gotta get rid of him and like where do you even sell a husband these days….?

How to book

Fill out the contact form (button below) and I'll get back to you ASAP via your preferred method, email or text message.

For portrait sessions - we'll discuss your vision, set a date and location and then I'll email an invoice where you'll be able to pay a 25% deposit to lock in your session.

For Weddings- Once you fill out the contact form below, I'll email back a quick questionnaire to help me get a better idea of what your photography needs may be, and then we'll schedule a "meet & greet" including my hubby/second shooter to get to know each other, make sure we're the right fit for your day and go over estimated pricing. I'll then email you a customized proposal link where you'll be able to make a deposit on a secure portal to lock in your wedding date...
And yes, there will be corny little ice-breaker games the first 15 minutes of the consultation, cuz I'm a nerd, and it's a great way to get to know each other in a fun way! :)

portrait locations

If you're looking for outdoor scenery and don't have a specific spot in mind, I can suggest a list of local parks or fields that I like to use. Newborn sessions are typically done in the client's home. I also have a small studio room available located in Poughquag, NY (this space is an upstairs bedroom and is not handicap accessible).