Welcome baby!

Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about capturing those sweet moments as a family with your new baby. Most often, they take place in the comfort of your home, but they can also take place outdoors if you feel up for the adventure! I know how chaotic life can feel in those first few weeks at home with a baby, so I do my best to make these sessions relaxed, real, and stress-free!

What can I expect during my newborn session?

I'm all about documenting the real-life moments. So for the most part, after some guidance towards the right lighting and positioning, I would like you to pretend I'm not even there and interact with your baby in all the silly and sweet ways you normally would! Your main job is to snuggle and love on your baby as much as possible during this session. If you have other children, we'll incorporate them strategically as well! For individual photos of the baby, I let them take the lead and don’t fuss over them being awake or asleep. We take breaks when needed - feeding and diaper changes are totally normal and expected! Lifestyle photography typically does not involve staged props, but my style is a bit hybrid in this way since I always enjoy a good baby in a basket photo, as well as an informational letter board to document baby's arrival, which I can provide both of.